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- Peru: Serving the mountain Quechua peoples


- ATEK: Interdenominational Christian organization in Cusco, Peru




We are currently working in Peru with ATEK and the local dental community to reach the mountain Quechua peoples. ATEK is an interdenominational Christian organization which was established to work with the Quechua community in Southern Peru to facilitate the spiritual and social development of the Peruvian people.

IDM works alongside the ATEK staff in remote Quechua villages extracting teeth and sharing the reality of Christ. We use this unique opportunity of relieving pain to support the local church in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our current plans include returning to the same communities in Peru on a yearly basis.

At this time, IDM provides oral surgery, limited dental hygiene services and dental education to the Quechua people. We hope to broaden services to these people as the communities become more educated about the reality of maintaining functional dentition for a lifetime.

Peruvian communities served by IDM:
- Ccapac Marca
- Ccapi
- Ccajapucara
- Ccascas
- Pataqueia
- Pisquicocha
- Rachi
- Tocara
- Wanca-wanca



ATEK (Asociacion Tawantinsuyuman Evangelioq K'ancharinanpaq) is an interdenominational Christian organization located in Cusco, Peru. The purpose of this organization is to reach distant Quechua villages south of Cusco with the life giving gospel of Jesus Christ. They aid and help support the existing churches by providing Bible literature, counseling, literacy education and gospel promotion. IDM supports their ministry by providing dental aid to the communities. For more information about ATEK ministry see www.atekperu.org.

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